A living lab to make hotel stays sustainable

Sustainable Stays


TSH Amsterdam is a space for travelers, mobile professionals, creative nomads, students and local change-makers.

They strive to create a complete and connected community. Like most other hotels, they have an important story to tell: how can we provide an excellent guest experience and make their stay more sustainable at the same time? Innovation Lighthouse is running a living lab for them - a living, breathing test space for sustainable innovations.

TSH Amsterdam

Hotel Room Living Lab

How do we provide an excellent guest experience while making their stay more sustainable? 

Why a hotel living lab?


We can see what helps guests use less water and energy

This living lab has 3 test rooms. In the Behavior room, we test approximately 10 behavioral interventions to see what works best to get guests to save water and energy. We test and measure to see what really works best (towel rehang, shorter showers, etc.)


We can measure how circular elements improve air quality

In the Tech room, we have several circular elements from our partners, and we want to see how these affect air quality. We also have lots of measurements set up, monitoring how guests behave so that we can compare across interventions.  


We can transform 3 rooms to showcase sustainability innovations

We have over 16 innovations and a measurement system to assess how well the sustainability innovations work - through both quantitative and qualitative data (surveys)

Project Stages

Project design

Innovation installations



Measurement phase (current)

Test & Iterate




& many more