Sustainable Stays Living Lab

A living lab to make hotel stays more sustainable

The key question we are answering in this lab: how can we provide an excellent guest experience while conserving water, saving energy, & reducing waste?

The Student Hotel Amsterdam hosts this living lab, in which we run a living, breathing test space for sustainable innovations to reduce environmental impacts in actual hotel rooms, with real hotel guests. Our findings can be used in hotels around the world. All the information about our innovations can be found here!

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Sustainable Stays

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How do we provide an excellent guest experience while making their stay more sustainable? 

What's in the rooms?


Innovations to test how guests can use less water and energy

In our rooms, we test behavioral interventions to see what works best to motivate guests to save water and energy and generate less waste - such as nudges to take shorter showers and use less single-use plastic. Savings on water and energy can immediately lead to cost savings for hotel operators!


Circular furniture

We have installed several circular elements - including furniture, floors and mattresses - and we research how these affect guest satisfaction, sustainability performance and air quality. Want to hear more about our innovators? Check out their spotlights here


Sustainability innovations and designs 

We created a living & breathing space with a large number of innovations and a measurement system to assess how well the solutions work - through both quantitative and qualitative data. Want to know more and apply our insights? Contact us!

Project Stages

Project design


Measurement phase



Test & Iterate




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& many more...

Hotel Operators & CSR Managers

Do you...

  • Want to take action with your sustainability targets but not sure what will work best to meet those targets? 

  • Want to get behind the door of the building so that your hotel guests behave more sustainably?

  • Want to know from exactly what works well and what doesn't but are short on time to experiment yourself?

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