The Solar

Facades Report

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The solar facades

market uncovered

In this report, we uncover the state of the solar facades market to help you decide if it's the right energy-generating solution for your building. 

An important component of any sustainable building is its energy performance. Not only can building owners make their properties more energy efficient, but with aesthetically flexible and innovative solar tech, the opportunities are endless.

Solar facades report

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What should be considered when planning a solar facade project?

Your questions answered

What does the solar facades market look like today?

What are the technologies available and how do they work?

How can I improve the energy-generating capacity of my building?

What are the costs and benefits to introducing a solar facade?

What's inside?


The Solar Facades Guide

The Spotlight on Solar Facades Guide was developed through a series of interviews and site visits. The guide contains insights, implementation advice, and lessons learned shared directly from solar facade companies and real estate owners.


The Solar Facades Workbook

The workbook contains a series of criteria, questions, and implementation considerations for real estate developers and building owners considering a solar facade. It aims to help understand and mitigate risks associated with solar facades.


Solar Facades Directory

The Solar Facades Directory is a listing of companies offering solar facade technologies. It provides real estate companies with a starting point for the implementation of a solar facade.

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