Practical Solutions to Make Shops Sustainable




This toolkit was developed with our partner Redevco and intends to help retail real estate owners and operators to make stores more sustainable.

We developed a guide with high-impact and easy-to-implement solutions to make stores more sustainable. With these tools at hand, stakeholders can witness reduced costs, increased traffic, and - most importantly - a positive environmental impact. No need to waste valuable time searching; all the solutions are right here at your disposal.

The Kit


Which solutions really work to make shops more sustainable?

What's inside?


Solutions to help you optimize energy, waste, and engage staff

Within these three domains you can find a wide variety of cost-effective and high-impact solutions for your store to make implementing sustainability solutions accessible for all store settings. 


Clear guidance from the toolkit and Innovation Lighthouse

We want to make the transition to a sustainable store as seamless as possible. With the retail toolkit, Innovation Lighthouse will guide you through the process to make implementing sustainability easy and achievable.


Accessible information for both store owners and tenants

We want the toolkit to be accessible and informative for store owners and tenants, no matter the sustainable challenge to be addressed. The toolkit is available in multiple languages and provides plenty of valuable information on the sustainability hotspots and trends in retail today.

Project Stages

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Finalize findings

Distribute toolkit



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