Resident Energy Behavior

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Saving energy by influencing tenant behavior

~50% of the energy use of an average building comes from the tenant. By influencing tenant behavior, you can save 5-20% energy per household. 
Not all buildings and tenants are the same. It is important to select solutions that really work for your situation. We developed a framework to select the most promising solutions  to test, validate and roll out in your portfolio.

Energy behavior


We identify tenant profiles and motivations. Then, we analyze the possibilities in your building based on physical characteristics. Once we're well-informed, we're best set up for success.


What are the best ways to influence tenant behavior in my building?   

Key interventions

Social norms and comparisons

Rewards and incentives

Direct feedback and information

Competitions and goal-setting

Project stages

Challenge definition

Gather tenant insights

Select solutions to test

Test and measure impact