Insulation Report

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Thermal insulation 101

Globally, buildings account for one-third of energy consumption and nearly 40% of total carbon emissions. 

Improving thermal insulation in buildings is one of the most impactful and cost-effective interventions available for reducing overall energy demand, and addressing the climate-related impacts of buildings. With the information in this guide, building owners can make effective decisions that will improve the thermal, acoustic and other features of their properties. 

Insulation report


to thermal insulation

Reduced energy consumption 

Reduced building operating costs

Improved interior comfort for occupants

Reduced footprint

What's inside?


Scan of the sustainable insulation materials in the market

We present our real estate partners with a scan of the sustainable insulation materials in the market. From nanocellular foam to cork, the guide gives a wide range of options. 


Providers available for sustainable insulation

We want our partners to be aware of the various providers they can collaborate with to improve their building insulation. Whether its insulation material, smart HVAC or smart window technologies, we want to help you connect.


Case studies for sustainable insulation in practice

We provide a range of case studies to demonstrate the application of these materials in practice, with proven results. From Germany to Canada, these innovations have witnessed a great deal of success. Find out how you can achieve the same!

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