Adapting Buildings to a COVID-19 Reality

Buildings ranging from offices to residential housing need innovation more than ever to ensure that people in these spaces are safe and comfortable.

COVID-19 and government regulations have forced us to step back and ask: how can we ensure our spaces adapt to the new reality? Innovation Lighthouse is helping buildings select and implement solutions to adapt spaces to regulations like sanitation, keeping 1,5m distance and managing communal areas.


for Buildings

How can we adapt our current spaces to fit a COVID-19 reality?

Questions we can help with

How can I make people in our building feel safe and comfortable to return?

What are simple, low-tech solutions that we can introduce ASAP?

What are some touch-free innovations?

Are there alternatives to plexi glass or other protective screens?

Solutions we love


Aguardio Handwash timer

Aguardio has made a handwash timer that counts down from 20 seconds. It's a simple sensor that can be installed on any washbasin. 



Keep 1,5m in Queues

Smaller circles with a positive message in them can be used as an alternative to large squares where people don’t typically know where to stand.

Circle Queue


Introduce touch-free spaces

Door handles are some of the most germ-infected objects. This innovation can be installed with screws quickly and easily with the existing door handles.


How to get your space ready

Free overview of solutions

Clarify goals

Select the right solutions

Create a plan to implement

Test & iterate

How Innovation Lighthouse can help

Solutions Package

We have a package of innovations ranging from no-tech to mid-tech. These are all affordable, easy to implement and many can be implemented within several days.


Price: Free 

Solutions + Plan Package

You get a package of solutions and we'll help devise a clear plan with the right solutions to implement. We'll set you on the right foot to comply with the regulations.

Price: Starting at 300eur

Solutions, Plan + Execution

We will help you select the right solutions, create a plan and execute. We help with the most important part of an innovation project: iterate & adapt to a changing reality.


Price: Starting at 500eur 

A note from us

There's an urgent and pressing need for innovation in buildings right now. We are looking for the overlap between innovation, sustainability, and adhering to regulations. 

That's why right now we offer this service at cost price. We're experts in scouting innovations and setting up projects, which is why we've chosen to help our partners during this time!

If you're an innovator with a sustainability solution, we'd love to hear from you.