The solar facade market uncovered

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Solar Facades Report

Redevco is a retail and residential real estate investment management company on a mission to future-proof their assets.

An important component of any sustainable building is its energy performance - however, Redevco isn’t just stopping there. In collaboration with Innovation Lighthouse, the investment firm wants to push the boundaries of renewable energy generation further than ever before. Not only can building owners make their properties more energy efficient, but with aesthetically flexible and innovative solar tech, the opportunities are endless.


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What should be considered when planning a solar facade project?

What's inside?


A 3-part package: guide, executive summary and workbook 

We shine a spotlight on a range of proven and emerging solar facade technologies. Our guide provides an overview of these and many other innovative solar technologies.


A social, environmental and economic assessment

Whether it’s a technology’s cost-effectiveness, brand association potential or ability to produce heat, we offer you a wide variety of useful insights tailored to your purposes.


We summarize lessons learned for real estate owners and operators and include a workbook to guide decisions about solar facades. Our guide provides real-world cases of different solar facades in action. Read more about how you can obtain a similar - if not even better - sustainable performance for your building.

A summary of lessons from real estate owners and operators

Your questions, answered.

What does the solar facades market look like today?

What are the technologies available and how do they work?

How can I improve the energy-generating capacity of my building?

What are the costs and benefits to introducing a solar facade?

Project Stages

Project design

Consult with experts


Finalize report

Distribute findings

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