A living lab to encourage 

guests to save water


TSH provides a comfortable eco-friendly experience for its guests, and they go the extra mile to encourage visitors to adopt sustainable behaviors themselves once they leave the hotel.

Together with Innovation Lighthouse and valuable contributions from other partners, they are continuously finding new ways to cut water and energy costs without the need for financial incentives. No need for expensive solutions; all you need is a little nudge! 

TSH Amsterdam

How can we motivate people who don’t pay water and energy bills to use less water and energy without the use of financial incentives?

What did this project find?


Guests saved 17% of water during showers with Amphiro nudging devices

We measured the effectiveness of a technological innovation (Amphiro) on hotel guest water-saving behavior. Our findings? A -17% (-3760L) reduction in water use, -215 kWh energy reduction and 60 kg less of CO₂e emitted.


Hotels using this device have a low payback period: 37 months

We produced new practical insights for organizations who want to stimulate savings in cases where users don’t pay for utility bills. The findings above translated into annual savings of €18,49 per room with a payback time of 37 months.


We show that interventions providing real-time feedback help to significantly reduce costs, carbon emissions and contribute to the education and behavior of hotel guests. In fact, we noticed increased guest awareness & long term behavior change; water use was reduced by -10%, even after the device was removed!

Giving real-time feedback really works to reduce water use

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