Sassy Lift 

Turning elevator experiences into an opportunity to connect 


TSH Amsterdam is a space for travelers, mobile professionals, creative nomads, students and local change-makers.

 Not only does TSH provide an eco-friendly space for guests, but also a strong community atmosphere that encourages social interaction. Working together with Innovation Lighthouse, they are developing a unique way of boosting your connection to other hotel-goers: the sassy lift. Not a fan of awkward elevator encounters? The sassy lift by TSH will give you something to talk about!

TSH Amsterdam

How can an elevator be turned into a space for social connectivity?

What are

we measuring?


We're measuring social engagement in the elevator

This includes simple actions such as talking, high-fiving, smiling, and much more.


We're testing which interventions work best to spark interaction

Whether it be visual displays or sounds, we hope to make the interaction easy and fun for everyone involved.


We're recording elevator use patterns

This means obtaining a greater understanding of elevator traffic and occupancy flows to help improve on our design.

Project Stages

Project design

Innovation installations



Measurement phase 

Test & Iterate