Hi there Coliving provider!

Do these sustainability challenges sound familiar to you?

Here's how we can work together.

Unclear business case for sustainability

Measuring impact of ESG investments is still behind. We can help you justify sustainability investments with clear ROI data.

Unmet tenant demand for sustainability

Young tenants in particular have increasing demand for sustainable living situations. We help you get started with sustainability so you can meet tenant demand.

Community building is more important 

Community is at the core of coliving. This can take focus off sustainability, but this does not have to be the case! Sustainability projects can help strengthen your community. 


Resident Energy Behavior Project

Save energy, electricity, and water

If you're looking to engage your tenants in sustainability, this project is for you. First, we better understand your current sustainability situation, then suggest the right solutions that will best set you up for success, and finally implement and measure impact. By the end of the 3-month project, you'll know which solution is best to scale up.

Survey of Tenants

Understand their sustainability preferences

Understanding tenant willingness to engage in actions that will save water, waste and energy in your building is a key factor to success. In this short project, you will have all the important answers to your tenant's sustainability preferences and motivations.

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Success is around the corner

Do you struggle to put sustainability into action? Do you want to engage your tenants in sustainability but not sure what will work and what will be a waste of time and money? Do you know of some technologies to save water and energy but not sure which to choose?

We’ve helped hotel & shared accommodation provider The Student Hotel increase guest satisfaction by 20% in sustainable test room and 15-20% on water savings using shower innovations. 



We help you identify what is going well and what needs improvement

In this short project, we make an assessment of what you are currently doing with sustainability, see where the gaps are and identify quick-wins. In the end, you will get 3 easy-to-implement actions that will help you build momentum and advice on how to bring them to life.