Lighting Made Sustainable

Author: Martin Sanchez-Locreille 



Introducing Vlak 1

For our Sustainable Stays project, we installed the Vlak 1  lamp in our inspiration room at The Student Hotel Amsterdam City. As part of our mission to develop the ultimate sustainable guest experience, Vlak 1 integrates into our living, breathing testing room by contributing a sustainable source of controlled lighting. Vlak 1 saves energy by allowing the user to use less by turning the knob to create a warm, dim lighting effect as desired. Vlak uses certain circular materials, representing a positive addition to a room composed of circular furniture, decor, and other innovations that nudge guests to stay more sustainably.


What is Vlak 1?

At Innovation Lighthouse we look for sustainable and innovative solutions for our partners.Vlak is an LED lamp constructed from insulated metal substrate (IMS) - a thin piece of combined aluminum, isolation, copper and with a touch of matte black paint. The Vlak 1 LED desk lamp is bent from a sheet of printed circuit board. 


Vlak takes an innovative approach to the production of LED lighting. With sunlight as the inspiration, Vlak uses a special algorithm that distributes the current across 48 LEDs in 4 colors. This allows the lamp to produce the same lighting effect as a classic incandescent light bulb, but in a more sustainable fashion. Vlak is furthermore produced through a highly automated, computer-controlled process, with no need for human hands. Once the components are put in place, the circuit board is crafted and the final touches are added in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Want to know more?


Visit to learn more about our Sustainable Stays project or download our guide below with the complete array of innovators and how we use innovations like Vlak to create the ideal eco-friendly hotel stay for guests.