Sustainability is in the Details - A Look at Sustainable Stays

Author: Martin Sanchez-Locreille 



The Sustainable Guest Experience

Hotels may sometimes be unaware of hidden opportunities to reduce their footprint - as well as costs - when implementing their sustainability strategies. At Innovation Lighthouse we fill the gaps by sourcing and testing innovations to help tackle common sustainability challenges in hotels, from waste management to water and energy use. In our Sustainable Stays project we’ve teamed up with The Student Hotel Amsterdam City to create the ultimate sustainable hotel guest experience. By applying a combination of technology, circular furniture and behavioral interventions, we show hotels what really works to not only cut costs, but more importantly, help create a more future-proof hospitality industry. 


From Plants & Bottles to Behavior 

In this blog series we’ve put the spotlight on several outstanding innovations from our test rooms. This time, we focus on the little things that help strike the perfect balance between sustainability and guest satisfaction.


With help from Join the Pipe, we’ve added reusable water bottles to each room to combat single-use plastic waste, which can then be taken home by guests - helping them reduce their impact beyond their stay. 


Room aesthetics can also be made sustainable, which is why we’ve introduced Boommade plants. Boommade collects fallen tree trunks and branches from the Netherlands, which are then brought back to life through the addition of circular artificial leaves. These circular plants add color and life to the guest room, without compromising sustainability. 


We don’t just limit the experience to physical items, however. At Innovation Lighthouse, we also focus on behavior to help guests exercise sustainability themselves. In collaboration with the designers at CANTOR Circulair, we’ve introduced a natural wall design with a hook and message to encourage guests to rehang their towels. With just a little nudge, guests can now help hotels save water and energy with simple actions that produce big impacts.

Want to know more?


Visit our Sustainable Stays project page to learn more about what we do to make the hotel guest experience more sustainable. You can also contact our projects lead Kelsey at for any questions or inquiries.