Goodbye 2020!

Author: Anke Kampschreur


Saying goodbye to 2020

Needless to say that 2020 was an unprecedented year. While there were many challenges, we would like to put a spotlight on the things we achieved this year and the wonderful people and companies we worked with.

First results Sustainable Stays


The first results of our Sustainable Stays Living Lab came in: 20% happier guests in the sustainable room and almost 20% hot water saved with simple interventions. These hot water savings alone led to 10% CO2 reduction! We presented our findings in a number of webinars and our tips were included in’s Sustainability Handbook for hotels.

Two multi-company living labs completed

Early in the year, we wrapped up the Building Energy Awareness living lab, working with hello energy, Bouwinvest, The Student Hotel and Redevco in testing the effectiveness of energy information displays in reducing energy use.


We also completed our Sustainable Reopening project, working with 4 hotels in the Netherlands to find and validate solutions to welcome guests back post-lockdown - in a sustainable and social way. We reached over 200 hotels with our recommendations in webinars with Pegasus and Green Key International.

Kicking off a new residential project: engaging tenants in saving energy 

In 2021 we will kick off our Resident Energy Behaviour project, for which we developed a comprehensive framework - together with Wageningen University & Research -  to select the most effective solutions for residential buildings based on tenant profiles, applying behavioural science. We are looking for residential and co-living building operators to become part of this project as first movers. If you are interested in engaging your tenants in saving energy in a targeted way - contact Anke to discuss how we can work together

Thank you!

We would like to thank the organizations we worked with in 2020, starting with our (founding) partners The Student Hotel, Redevco, Cisco, Wageningen University & Research and Aermont; and all the others we have worked with:, Bouwinvest, Hello Energy, Bloc, uHoo, QO Hotel, Stayokay, Meininger, Coliving Insights, and all innovators in our hotel living lab. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you, and to kick of collaborations with new partners!

What's in store for 2021?


After a year in which many things came to a standstill, we look forward to 2021 - a year in which sustainability will be more important than ever. We see a sector that is ready to take action. We are looking forward to spark this action by finding, testing and implementing solutions that work and building meaningful partnerships.


We wish you - and everyone around you - a happy new year, full of positive energy!  


Are you looking to kickstart sustainability in your building and creating positive showcases on how it can be done? Contact us for a brainstorming session to get started!