Blocking the Sun with Circularity - Kvadrat’s Blackout Curtains

Author: Martin Sanchez-Locreille 



Circular Comfort During Your Stay

Don’t like being woken up by excessive sunlight flooding your hotel room? Having proper curtains is a must - but for the environmentally conscious hotel guest, knowing that your curtains are both durable and produced with minimal waste is even better. In our Sustainable Stays project, we are testing the performance of sustainable technologies, circular materials and behavioral nudging. Alongside the other circular furniture we’ve implemented in our test rooms at The Student Hotel, we’ve reached out to Kvadrat, a sustainable Danish textiles producer, to see what circular products they would like to test with us. Kvadrat’s circular blackout curtains compliment the other circular features in the hotel room - keeping the room dark for those who want a couple of extra hours of sleep in the morning!


Kvadrat’s Circular Curtains

Our collaboration with Kvadrat stems from our shared interest in innovation, circularity and durability. For Kvadrat, waste itself is a valuable resource that can be applied in a variety of product development stages - design, production, use and end-of-life. With the blackout curtains, waste and durability are woven into the fabric to produce an aesthetically pleasing product that really works. Not only do the curtains provide the user with excellent performance, but are also a product of environmental and social responsibility

Kvadrat’s blackout curtains have proven their credibility by receiving the Greenguard Certification, indicating low VOCs. Consumers are thus assured that their product is produced with ecologically sound principles in mind. Furthermore, the curtains will be upcycled at the end of their lifetime in order to make new products out of the curtains' own material. As for performance, the curtains produce a lightfastness score of 5, have good sound absorption and airflow, and keep sunlight out.

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Check out our Sustainable Stays project page to discover the wide array of circular furniture and other innovations we’ve implemented to make hotel rooms more sustainable. You can also contact our projects lead Kelsey at for any questions or inquiries.