All it Takes is a Little Nudge - Introducing Aguardio

Author: Martin Sanchez-Locreille 



A small effort can lead to big savings

Sustainable management of water is becoming an ever-more mainstream practice in buildings across the world. For building owners and operators, however,  reducing water use can be a challenge when impact is dependent on tenant behavior. Reducing water consumption doesn’t always come from just investing in technical building systems; rather, the focus should also be on encouraging positive habits. This is an important element we focus on in our Sustainable Stays project, in which we apply behavioral science insights through innovations that nudge guests towards conserving water themselves. In doing so, we prove that the shower can become not only a space for sustainability, too. 


What is Aguardio? 

In one of our testing rooms at The Student Hotel Amsterdam City, we’ve implemented the Aguardio shower solution to put sustainable nudging to the test. Aguardio’s built-in sensor detects when the individual turns the shower on and off, providing the user with real-time feedback indicating the amount of time spent in the shower. By seeing the timer on the screen, the user becomes consciously aware that longer showers equals more water consumed - hence nudging them to take a shorter shower. 

However, we wanted to take this process a step further. In combination with the Aguardio device, we’ve implemented a complimentary written nudge of our own. The result? Showers in our testing room saw a decrease in water consumption of up to 19%. By independently testing different types of nudges, we help build up the body of knowledge on which techniques really work to help make users’ behavior more sustainable. This goes on to show that, with just a little nudge, something as simple as taking a shower can have a big effect.

Want to know more?


Visit our Sustainable Stays project page to learn more about what we do to make the hotel guest experience more sustainable. You can also contact our projects lead Kelsey at for any questions or inquiries.